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 - Nutty Blocc' Compton Crips - Ranks & Members -

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PostSubject: - Nutty Blocc' Compton Crips - Ranks & Members -   Sun Apr 11, 2010 2:48 am

Kingpin O.G
"Marcus" "Decoy" "Deuce" [Active]

Triple O.G
"Tyrese" "Devious" "Deuce" [Active]
"NAME" "NAME" "NAME" [Status]

Double O.G
"Bradley" "Unknown" "McFly" [Active]
"NAME" "NAME" "NAME" [Status]

Original Gangsta
"NAME" "NAME" "NAME" [Status]

"NAME" "NAME" "NAME" [Status]

Original Baby Gangsta
"NAME" "NAME" "NAME" [Status]

Baby Gangsta
"NAME" "NAME" "NAME" [Status]

Kingpin O.G.; The Kingpin O.G is the nigga' who
runs the whole gang, nothing goes without his word.

Triple O.G; The Triple O.G is the second in command, he helps the
Top Crip O.G with anything, He keeps most of the shit tight.

Double O.G; The Double O.G has been in the set for a long time
he knows how things go around, hes hard and represents
his colors with his life.

Original Gangsta; The Original Gangsta' has been in the gang, but not to long, he
knows most of the nigga's, he represents his colors but doesn't have much trust
but he will help a nigga out.

Gangsta; The Gangsta is almost new to the gang, hes still learning everything
and how it rolls, he represents his colors with pride but he ain't got none trust, hes just
earning it.

Original Baby Gangsta; The Original Baby Gangsta is startin' to move up slowly in the gang. He's still basically new and he tries doing his best to keep going the way he's going. Up towards the top.

Baby Gangsta; The Baby Gangsta is the newest nigga to the set, he doesn't know anything and how
it rolls around here, hes representing his colors, hes got no trust at all, hes just
representing fo' the hood.

Real Life Roleplay Head Admin.
Marcus Deuce -
Nutty Blocc' Compton Crips - Kingpin O.G

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- Nutty Blocc' Compton Crips - Ranks & Members -
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