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 - Nutty Blocc' Compton Crips - The Hood -

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PostSubject: - Nutty Blocc' Compton Crips - The Hood -   Sun Apr 11, 2010 3:01 am

You'll see most of the Nutty Blocc' Compton Crips hanging at they hood, this is where
most of the shit goes down, where all the nigga's chill, meet up, smoke up, party
and all that shit, Even if chu' desperate you can come around here
and pick up a job, some of the nigga's just might have one fo' chu'.
But be careful around this hood, You roll up here in the wrong colors
or attitude, might just be yo' last time you ever see another person again.

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Nutty Blocc' Compton Crips - Kingpin O.G

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- Nutty Blocc' Compton Crips - The Hood -
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