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 - Nutty Blocc' Compton Crips - Colors -

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PostSubject: - Nutty Blocc' Compton Crips - Colors -   Sun Apr 11, 2010 3:05 am

The Nutty Blocc' Compton Crips will always been found wearing their BLUE rags where ever you see them, They'll be wearing them around their face, in their pocket, tied around their forehead, or even their arm, they will always be representing the BLUE rag somewhere on their body. Nutty Blocc' members always show off their colors even if they have to die for them. If a group of rival gang members asks you what set you roll with you straight away say you roll with the Nutty Blocc' Compton Crips. If you're going to die. It will be for the cause.

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- Nutty Blocc' Compton Crips - Colors -
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