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 - Nutty Blocc' Compton Crips - Rules -

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PostSubject: - Nutty Blocc' Compton Crips - Rules -   Sun Apr 11, 2010 2:45 am

--- Out Of Character ---

1. Always follow the server rules, never break them.
2. Listen to all admins, even if they are in-correct still listen
3. Try to keep you weapons realistic, e.g " Have a glock in your waste belt just incase something happens, but carry a bat or knife around so you got something to defend with "
4. Role play every situation you come by that happens to you, do not refuse.
5. Try keep everything ' IC' , try not to over use the ' OOC ' Feature.
6. If you leave the faction you agree to being ' PK'ed ' ( PlayerKilled ).

--- In Character ---

1. Always respect the higher ranks
2. Do not start war with other gangs without the Top O.G there.
3. Always represent yo' colors.
4. Never argue with yo' homies.
5. Always hang in yo' hood.
6. Blood in, Blood out, Once your in, the only way your getting out is death.

((Any rules not followed may lead to an FPK or CK))

Real Life Roleplay Head Admin.
Marcus Deuce -
Nutty Blocc' Compton Crips - Kingpin O.G

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- Nutty Blocc' Compton Crips - Rules -
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