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 Donovan pearcy SAFB Application(HIRED/ACCEPTED)

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PostSubject: Donovan pearcy SAFB Application(HIRED/ACCEPTED)   Tue Apr 13, 2010 1:37 am

[color:ce53=green[size=18:93c1]______________In Game Character__________________Information[/size]

Player Name: Donovan pearcy
Age & Birth Date:age:20 D.O.B:Dec 2 1989
Current Level:V.1
Current Job: N/a
Phone Number: N/A
Address: I do not own a house
Criminal Record:N/A
Charges: N/A
Education:bachelor degree
Training: I was trained by my supierior in another division in the fire brigade
Why you want to become a Fire Fighter?because i like to work for the community and ilike knowing that my job saves lives.
Do you have a weapon license? I have no weapon license
[b]Why would you make a good firefighter?
I would be a good fire fighter because I had some previous expirience in the red county fire brigade and im an exellent R.p.er
Recommendations from someone? Daoud sogoba
[b]Languages Spoken:
Location: Everett, mass zip:02149
Real Age: 13
Timezone: eastern
Hours To Spare:1 to 2 hours exept saturdays[im a religous man]
List all previous ALTS:
______________________________END OF APP________________________________

[Application P(ass) F(fail)]
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PostSubject: Re: Donovan pearcy SAFB Application(HIRED/ACCEPTED)   Tue Apr 13, 2010 6:47 pm

You hace been Accepted.

SAFB Commisioner
Daoud_Sogoba wrote:
OPEN Join Today

Daoud_Sogoba wrote:
SAFB ROSTER (Looking For members)
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Donovan pearcy SAFB Application(HIRED/ACCEPTED)
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