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 ::Responsibility's::(Must Read so you could understand the ranks)

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PostSubject: ::Responsibility's::(Must Read so you could understand the ranks)   Mon Apr 12, 2010 6:56 pm

? Busta' ?

Yo lil' ass jus' got into the gang you need to earning your stay. Your rp always has to be to part, you'll have to

undergo a roleplay test thet will put your abilites to the test, you get no rag until that test is over and you've
had a chance to rp. Ranks are changed weekly. Your Job is to basically hold down the block and sell the
drugs/mats that you have. You're a heartbeat from being killed out of the gang. If you fuck up once you'll be
killed no matter who you are at this rank. You have one chance to make it in this gang if you blow you'll be
blacklisted until further notcie depending on how bad you fucked up. Blood in Blood out lil' bitch.

?Gunna' ?

Ok, you haven't fucked up yet and you should of recieved your rag apon reaching this rank within the gang.

When you have your rag you cannot loose it, meaning keep up with it rply at all times. If you don't have
your rag on you you'll be violated and beaten. Now, your still on the block you jus' have a lil more rep,
meaning you can boss around Bustas icly, never oocly. You'll have to sell still and rep the hood. You'll be
expected to handle the dirty work so, you'll be doing the most time. You're just one heartbeat from being
killed.. Blood in Blood out lil' G

? Gangsta' ?

You're a gangsta' now and can boss around the lower ranks Icly. You'll be expected to carry out hits and deals
that are set up throughout the gang. If you fail to Fpk a Gunna or Busta' thats messin up you'll be fpk'd and so
will the gunna of busta' don't fuck up in this rank your being depended on for once. Blood in Blood out... Stay
up homie.

? Origianl Gangsta' ?

You're the right hand man to the King Blood and you're expected not to fuck up at all roleplay wise. your
included on meetings as the mediator. You'll organize it and maintain order throughout force.
you're still expendable Blood in Blood out..G. You Take care of the Drugs,Guns,Money. You are also the one who goes on the deals when the King Blood sets them up with another Gang or Mafia.

? King Blood ?

You're in the gangs front lines you seem like you run the gang but you don't you over see all the gangs activities.You Organize Hit's and Organize the deals within the Mafia/Gang organization.You are responsible for every member's actions in the family.

? Boss ?

You run the entire gang, what you say goes.. Period
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::Responsibility's::(Must Read so you could understand the ranks)
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