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 Application Requirements. READ THIS BEFORE APPLYING!

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PostSubject: Application Requirements. READ THIS BEFORE APPLYING!   Thu Apr 08, 2010 4:36 pm

Looking for a job? Why don't you try applying for the Los Santos News Corporation today?

Although we are looking for employees, applying isn't that easy. Please make sure you meet with the following requirements before doing so.


-You need to be able to speak the english language fluently. It doesn't have to be your mother tongue but atleast try not making huge grammar mistakes when you write. Citizens must be able to understand the info you are giving to them.

-A low criminal record or even none at all. We don't accept criminals into the LSNC. Having a few speeding tickets is fine but we definately don't want murderers or robbers.

-Make sure you know your way around Los Santos as we don't have time to take out a map when a perfect news story is nearby.

-Be creative. This means when there are no news alerts to give, you could try making up talkshows and TV animations to amuse the public. It's always good to hear some funny jokes on the radio when you're stuck in a traffic jam so you don't get bored.


-Make sure you know how to Roleplay. This also means knowing what metagame, powergame, deathmatching and revenge killing mean.

-Don't apply if you're not going to be active. If you happen to be inactive, tell us so we can consider it and so we don't end up firing you.

Jeremy Ipone - LSNC - CEO

News Hotline: Remember to call 555 if you want to share things about yourself or hand us some breaking news!

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Application Requirements. READ THIS BEFORE APPLYING!
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