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 Federal Bureau Investigation Manual

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PostSubject: Federal Bureau Investigation Manual   Fri Apr 09, 2010 8:05 pm

This topic is under construction

Federal Bureau Investigation Manual

- Introduction
- To Applicants
- To the Trainee
- To the Agents.


To Applicants

- Communication - If you do not know how to type and type like this "HELLOZIR WHAT IS MY JBO" don't bother applying. You need to know how to type correct English so people understand you. And we do not want to look like retards with people that type like that.

- Do not call/sms/pm us every second and neither ask if your accepted or denied, we will let you know on forums if you got accepted or not.

Rules - OOC

- Role-play at all times if the person that you are trying to role-play is being a complete retard use /report.
- Be loyal to the faction.
- Listen to the Higher ranks and respect them.
- Do not go around Deathmatching,Powergaming or Metagaming
- If you see someone on the /wanted list do not pull him over and say you were on the /wanted list role-play it out.

How to use the /tackle and when to not use it.

- If the person is running away from you [Tackle]
- If the person is Beating you with Bat/Hands [Tackle]
- If the person is Shooting/pointing a knife at you [Firearms]

To the Trainee


/sus - Put a wanted level on the person. MUST have IC reason.
/r - Police radio
/d - Talk between LSPD/SA:FD/SA:MD.
/cuff - Allows you to cuff a person when you /tackle 'd him/her.
/wanted - Check who is wanted
/detain - Allows you to detain a person in the next car you enter.
/shouse - Allows you to Search the persons house
/strunk - Allows you to search the persons Trunk.
/drag - Allows you to Drag the person you just cuffed.
/btest - Allows you to check if the person is drunk or not.
/frisk - Allows you to search the suspect for Firearms/Materials.
/take - Allows you to remove Firearms/Materials from a person.

To the Agents.

We are not LSPD that means we do not arrest people for small illegal acts like speeding,Runing a red light etc.. If you spot a illegal activity like that let the LSPD know what you saw and detail them what happend.

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PostSubject: Re: Federal Bureau Investigation Manual   Sun Jun 20, 2010 8:34 am

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Federal Bureau Investigation Manual
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