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 The scripting ideas

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PostSubject: The scripting ideas   Fri Apr 09, 2010 6:48 pm

Vehicle requirements

An extra helicopter is requested to be scripted for the LS:MD.

These are the vehicles required

Ambulance (Three)

Rancher (2 door) (Two)

Rancher (4 door) (One)

Helicopter (One)


The ranks have been updated. They are listed in the LS:MD roster.
In the topic of the vehicle category, there is a list of what vehicle each rank can use.

The skins

Rank 8 (DMS = The Director of Medical Services)

Rank 7 (ADMS = Assistant Director of Medical Services)

Skin ID 113

Rank 6 (DADMS = Deputy Assistant Director of Medical Services)

Rank 5 (HD = Hospital Doctor)

Skin ID 70

Rank 4 (MO = Medical Officer)

Skin ID 276

Rank 3 (SMO = Senior Medical Officer)

Skin ID 274

Rank 2 (AM = Ambulance Medic)

Skin ID 275

Rank 1 (MT = Medical Trainee)

Skin ID 275


Faction leader commands

/hire [player id] Hires a player to join the LS:MD

/fire [player id/nick] Fires a player from the LS:MD

/promote [player id/nick] Promotes a player by 1 rank

/demote [player id/nick] Demotes the player by 1 rank

/members Checks who is online in the faction

/ranks Gives a list of ranks and the ranks of every online member

/lockhospital Locks the door of the hospital

/unlockhospital Unlocks the door of the hospital

Normal faction commands

/members Checks who is online in the faction

/heal [player id/nick] Increases the health of a player

/carry [player id/nick] Drags a player

/drop [player id/nick] Stops draging a player

/putincar [player id/nick] Detains a player in the ambulance (While being draged)

/r (Radio chat) Faction chat (IC)

/d (Global government factions chat) Chat between the government factions

/showbadge [player id/nick] Shows the badge to a certain player


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The scripting ideas
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