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 Los Santos News Corporation Roster and Rank Info.

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PostSubject: Los Santos News Corporation Roster and Rank Info.   Thu Apr 08, 2010 12:13 am


Jeremy Ipone

Assistant CEO-(7.)

News Manager/Director-(6.)

News Captain-(5.)




News Technician-(1.)

Ranks and their duties:

CEO: He is the leader of the LSNC. He controls everthing inside the faction and gives orders. He checks the faction's progress/developpment, gives ideas and suggestions. He is here to listen to his staff, help them and advise them in their work.

Assistant CEO: His main duty is to help the CEO with all of his work or even take over the faction when the CEO is on leave.

News Manager/Director: He manages/directs the team formed by the news captain, journalist, reporter, photographer and technician.

News Captain: He leads a small group of News Reporters, organizes trips/journeys for them and teaches them about the job. He remains with them at all times.

Journalist: He works with the News Reporter. He gathers all the info the Reporter got from his daily tour, improves it and then presents it on the news on TV.

Reporter: He is part of a small team/group composed of a Photographer and a News Technician. The News Reporter goes around to different places with his team, takes notes and then makes a presentation to show in on TV. He also can conduct interviews with the help of a News Captain.

Photographer: He works with the News Reporter and Technician. He has a camera and takes pictures to prove what the News Reporter wrote on his notepad.

News Technician: He is some sort of cadet in the LSNC. He assists the Photographer and News Reporter to make sure they don't face technical difficulties. In case of any problems, he knows what to do. In dangerous situations, like gang wars, his job is to protect the other News Staff.

Post here under a new reply if I have forgotten to add you in the Roster.

Jeremy Ipone - LSNC - CEO

News Hotline: Remember to call 555 if you want to share things about yourself or hand us some breaking news!

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Joe Scott


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PostSubject: Re: Los Santos News Corporation Roster and Rank Info.   Tue Apr 20, 2010 4:10 pm

I thought that people wants to get in News, but O.o at this roster? - only you are in.
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Los Santos News Corporation Roster and Rank Info.
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