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 Application form for joining the LS:MD

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PostSubject: Application form for joining the LS:MD   Wed Apr 07, 2010 1:16 am

The requirements and rules for joining the faction

1- You should have a good role-playing experience.
2- You should RP the situations very well.
3- You should obey the orders of the higher in ranks. In case of not obeying the orders of the higher in ranks, you will be warned once but not twice, on the second time you will be kicked from the faction.
4- Incase if someone reported me for your non-RP or DMing with a proof, you will be warned once, the next time you will be kicked IMMEDIATELY from the faction.
5- Incase of training programs, you should obey every single order from the higher in ranks.

This server is based on HEAVY role-play. As a medic, you should RP every single situation.


Date of birth:
Current job:
Married or not?:
Why do you want to be a Medic?:
Why should we choose you?:
What is your previous experience related to this kind of job?:
Any other Comments?:

What is your previous experience?:
Have you ever been a Medic before?:
Why do you think you should be chosen for this job?:
Do you have a role-playing experience?:
For how long have you been playing on role-play servers?:
Any other comments?:

Don't post your application here. You should make a new topic with your application filled.

Incase you've passed, you will have a small test ingame inorder to know the level of RP and wether you need a heavy or light training before you could start doing your job.

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Application form for joining the LS:MD
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