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 Recruitment Process

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PostSubject: Recruitment Process   Sat Apr 03, 2010 3:00 am

This Topic is currently under construction.

Requirements(( OOC ))

- You have to know how to HEAVY RP.
- You have to download or install TeamSpeak 3.
- You have to have a working Mic.
- You have to speak English.
- You have to be online minimum 2 hours/daily.
- You have to be older then 14 Years old.
- Read the Manual and 10 Codes.

Application: (( Make a new Topic Example : YourFirstname Yourlastname's Federal Bureau Investigation Application ))


(( IC ))
[b]Date of Birth:[/b]
[b]Phone number:[/b]
[b]Criminal Record[/b]
[b]Police awards(Optional):[/b]
[b]Why you think you'll make a good FBI agent?:[/b]
(( OOC ))
[b]Define Metagaming[/b]
[b]Define Powergaming[/b]
[b]Define Deathmatching[/b]
[b]How many hours a day can you dedicated to the FBI.
[b]How long have you been on HD:RP?:[/b]

The Steps to become an agent. Application < Team Speak interview < exam < Trainee

Real Life RolePlay Founder/Admin


Decoy beein a real G mudafucka[/center]

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Recruitment Process
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