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 ::The Applaction[Open]::

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PostSubject: ::The Applaction[Open]::   Mon Apr 12, 2010 6:26 pm

[The Applaction][ooc]

Current chracter name:

Whats your current chracter Nickname:

Past characters name:

Any alt accounts so, Name them:

Is any of your alts in a faction,if so name the factions:

What factions have you been in, If any state them:

Why are you interested to join ?

What is your current character level:

How long you been Rping?

Have you ever been banned or warned, If so why were you


What time zone are you in:

What country are you in:

Can you speak and understand English fluently?

Do you have vent installed in your computer?

Do you have a mic?

How old are you?

Give me a example of Powergame:

Give me a example of Revenge Killing:

Give me a example of Metagaming:

Do you agree to a PK/CK upon leaving the gang or bieng kicked out[/NAME HERE]
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::The Applaction[Open]::
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