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 The duty of each rank

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PostSubject: The duty of each rank   Sun Apr 11, 2010 9:36 pm

In this section, there is the information about the duty of each rank in the LS:MD. This might be a small guide untill the LS:MD handy book is finished.

Rank 8 The Dicrector of Medical Services (Which is the faction leader)

His job is to manage the LS:MD from his office. He will be most of the time at the office managing the faction. He will go to the scenes when it is a HEAVY scene.

Rank 7 Assistant Director of Medical Services

Similar to rank 8. He will appear on a scene when it is a medium type of scene.

Rank 6 Deputy Assistant Director of Medical Services

He will appear on all scenes. His job is to lead and order the medics on scenes and when ever they do a job.

Rank 5 Hospital Doctor

His job is to stay at the hospital for when a patient comes to it. He will examine the patient and RP the situation.

Rank 4 Medical Officer

He is the assistant of rank 6. He will take most of the orders from rank 6 and give it to the men.

Rank 3 Senior Medical Officer

He will take orders from the Medical officer and give it to the ordinary medics.

Rank 2 Ambulance Medic

He will take orders from the higher ranks and do it.

Rank 1 Medical Trainee

He will work normaly as an ambulance medic but he is under a training program.

Ofcourse all must follow the orders of all the higher in ranks especially from the Director of Medical Services.

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The duty of each rank
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