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 LSNC Manual

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PostSubject: LSNC Manual   Sun Apr 11, 2010 11:20 am


Table of Contents:
-To the public
-To the applicants
-To the trainees(news technicians)
-To the LSNC members(will be added later)


The LSNC started in 1942 when Lucas Ipone was 22 years old. WW2 was going on at that time and many American soldiers were dying in the numerous battles in Europe. Los Santos was a very small city at that time and so it did not have a News Corporation. Many families with relatives involved in the war could not get information about them which resulted in anxiety and stress. Lucas decided to solve this problem by setting up his own News Corporation. He started by making news stories in his own neighbourhood to practice his charisma skills. He then expanding to giving the news in all of Los Santos which already showed the success of his idea. In 1943, Lucas signed a contract with the BBC to get some info about the American soldiers at war in Europe. With all the info he could get, he made news stories which greatly relieved the concerned families. Lucas was very proud of himself as he helped families come over their greatest fear, hearing the death of their beloved son. In 1945, the WW2 ended and the contract between Lucas' News Corp. and the BBC faded away. Lucas now decided to focus himself on his own town, Los Santos. Thus, he renamed the News Corp. the Los Santos News Corp and opened recruitment centers all over the city. For 55 more years, the LSNC remained a success until Lucas' death in 1997. Jeremy Ipone inherited the LSNC and kept it from being forgotten as it once was after Lucas' death. After 68 years of existence, the LSNC is still here in Los Santos and is now directed by Jeremy Ipone.

The Los Santos News Corporation gives news updates, stories and info to the citizens of Los Santos. We try our best to keep you updated with the latest news so you don't lose track of time. We also make sure you never get bored with our comical reporters.
The LSNC is located in Downtown Los Santos near Pershing Square. We have 172 members working currently and we are looking forward to have more. The LSNC also has a hotline where you can ask questions, contact our staff, or report something you would like to see on the news. Just call 555 for more info.


The LSNC is a faction which gives out news updates and info to every citizen in Los Santos by either television, radio or newspaper.
It is our duty to keep you informed about the latest facts. It be from plane crashes to gang wars, celebrity press to robberies or even events like races, fund raisers and many more. We love to keep our public entertained to keep them from getting bored. We know that life in Los Santos is pretty stressful with all the gangs around here, traffic jams, work pressure, etc. We are here to help make your life easier and keep you in a good mood. Have any suggestions, comments, ideas or questions? We would love to hear from you. Just grab a phone, call 555 and wait for our phone standardist to guide you through. Would you like to apply? Are you able to keep up with the cops to create awesome stories? Can you find new ways to keep our listeners/readers tuned in? Then apply today!
Just read out the next section for more info about applying and applicants.


Interested in applying for the Los Santos News Corporation? Then you are reading the right section of this manual. But don't think that applying is that easy. Please make sure you have read the requirements to apply. If you have done so, then you just need to pick up an application form, fill it up and post it into our mailbox.
There are 3 application statuses:
PENDING: When you dont meet the requirements or need to edit something.
ACCEPTED: When we like your application and accept it to continue the application process.
DENIED: When you have either failed the application, which could be: lack of creativity, lack of english skills, inactivity. When you are denied, you MUST wait a week before re-applying.

Getting yourself noticed is also a great way to get hired ((RP)).
-If u TyPe Lik TheS you won't get in. Sorry but we need to you communicate in a proper and clear manner with other LSNC members or the public.
-Abusing the news hotline (555) to get our attention will create a negative impression towards you. Please be patient once you apply.
((/pm'ing us every 5 seconds also pisses us off)).


If you read this, then that means you are hired into the LSNC and new to it. Please take time to read the following tips to help you know your way around this faction.

You have started as a Trainee(news technician). While being in this rank, you are allowed to only have a notepad to take notes((/notepad)).

Your main duty is to just ride with the members and look at what they do and how they do it. It's just basically like a ridealong. Ask questions and watch and learn. You can also consider this as a trial period which lasts one week. At the end of this week we will decide whether you continue(promotion), leave(fire) or stay for another week. Staying for another week is mainly when you are in between a promotion or a fire or when you haven't had enough time to complete the trial week due to personal issues((inactivity)).

It is HIGHLY recommended to take notes with the notepad during the trial period to avoid asking further questions.

The next rank is Photographer. You keep the notepad and have a camera to take pictures. This rank is still a "trainee" rank but you can start working. It's simple, with the notepad you take notes and with the camera, you take pictures. You will still not be able to ride alone. You must ALWAYS ride with atleast a rank 3 member(reporter). This period also lasts a week or maybe less depending on your learning skills and progress. Also, to get promoted, you need to take atleast 5 pictures with the camera about any thing and write a short article about each one.
((Post the picture in the private forums and make up an article about it.))

Now that you are a Reporter. You can now basically work on your own as we consider that you have been trained and taught. You can now present the hourly/daily news and take interviews. You can also ride on your own.

Jeremy Ipone - LSNC - CEO

News Hotline: Remember to call 555 if you want to share things about yourself or hand us some breaking news!

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LSNC Manual
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